We provide special and professional services
as follows:

① Tour reservation service:

We reserve tours of Korea's Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) & Panmunjeom, Daily City Tour & Cultural Tour, Ski Tour, the 'NANTA' performance(20% Discount), etc and offers free pick-up service for tour in front of the HEY Backpackers through the Host as well.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Tour (and Panmunjeom(JAS) Tour)

To help that, we have a good travel tip to make your time more exciting in Korea.
As you know, Korea is the only divided country in the world now. This trip will help you to understand korea better.
Many guests participate in this trip thourgh us because it is hard to visit DMZ alone by yourself.
If you are interested in DMZ Tour, please ask the Host for the reservation for your visit to Demilitarized Zone. (DMZ Half day tour / \46,000 won)

② Guide Meeting service

We provide program called guide meeting. You can have a chance to meet young, enthusiastic Korean guide who very like to meet foreigners and go travel together with.
All travel costs are shared with your guide like friends.

We have a clean fully equipped kitchen, a theatre style cable
HD TV in the big living room, free Wi-Fi & internet access, free laundry facilities and security lockers, automatic heating control system called Ondol and Air-conditioning.

HEY backpackers is situated in the middle of the best attractions, plays, musicals, dining, and nightlife that in the middle of Hongdae area has to offer.

Relax and feel the youthful vitality in comfortable cafe/bar/club/playground with many new yeong friend around a guesthouse.There is always a great range of food and drinks available at reasonable prices.

HEY Backpackers is a cheapest place for the maximum comfort.

We offer following services for guests free of charge.

Free high speed-100 Megabyte Internet Access Facilities : You can use free Internet Computer & Wi-Fi internet access for those with personal laptops for 24 hours.

② Free Individual Lockers

Free Laundry machine, washing soap, Ironing

Free bed linen, warm blankets and towel on request

⑤ Free use of kitchen, kitchen utensils, seasoning, water purifier, refrigerator, toaster, microwave oven, electric kettle, etc

⑥ Automatic heating floor control system called Ondol and A/C, Hot/cold shower 24 hours all season, hair drier, hair styling iron, hair brush, slippers, soap, nail clippers, umbrella, adapter, etc.(And all the rooms have Air-conditioning and Ondol )

Rest place

We have a big living room with HD TV & Computer that gives a place for the comfortable conversation with other travellers and the famous 'NANTA' theatre is located in front of HEY Backpackers, Fee market Playground Park is located in just 30 second by walking from HEY Backpackers.

= Barbecue Party : Hang out and socialize world-wide travellers with local Koreans at this, Super Fun !!!

Internet telephone

You can make a phone call in Korea and overseas with very cheap internet phone & phone card and you can also receive a call.

No curfew & No lockouts Check in & out for 24 hours

You can come and go out freely the buildings of both using Automatic Door Key Number for 24 hours.

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